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Tier jackpot lightning link

tier  jackpot lightning link

Mighty Ljnk Casino - Slots Game X odds prediction Online casino from libk of lightnjng slot games. On top the page advertising is full of other advertising links. The customer service is horrible. Then this game is for you!! Everyday there are interesting missions to complete and it is no wonder they have become so popular. You will eventually lose all the coins you just bought.


Lighting Link- WEN you Reach Tier 5...

Tier jackpot lightning link -

Hello Sandra, I'm sorry to hear this. The games are very fun, the challenges rotate frequently and are entertaining. Overall, the app is very well done. Here's my gripe: The game doesn't pay out The coin packages to buy, go just as fast as if you were to go to the real casino, where there's a SLIM chance of winning REAL money.

They really need to revamp the price of the packages and the frequency of winning. I basically just echo what everyone else is already saying. The win rate is awful.

Hard to earn coins, and it seems like you're just waiting hours just to have a few spins. Rinse and repeat. Much better apps out there to kill time. The gameplay itself is fun but it's so immensely hard to win anything to keep going, that if ruins the experience.

Thank you for playing Lightning Link Casino! New amazing slots are on their way for you to enjoy! Stay tuned for more amazing events, seasons and coins to be won. We hope you enjoy Lightning Link Casino and thank you for playing!

flag Flag as inappropriate. public Website. email Support email. place Address. shield Privacy Policy. Cashman Casino Slots Games. This was my favorite slot game and I have played it daily for years.

Purchased hundreds of dollars worth of coins. Coins are very expensive but I liked the game so much I would spend money regularly.

However yesterday I received the blue error message and after reloading my 23 million coins were gone and I was down to , Support was a joke.

Asked for screenshots. I have gotten that blue error message loads of times and never once had an issue. How would I have known to take a screen shot. They then preceded to tell me I played through my balance on Sun and moon betting 1.

Funny I told them in my ticket I was playing sun and moon and betting 1. I cannot believe they are just willing to lose a regular customer over 20 million coins they could easily give back to me. I never thought I be so disappointed in losing a fake slot machine game but I love playing the missions every night to wind down after my crazy day.

So this game is fun but I caution everyone to not buy any coins because they could be gone in the blink of an eye. You will win for a little while at first, and then it shuts off completely. No matter how long you play or how big your bankroll is, you will spin and spin to oblivion.

Slots are supposed to be exciting and entertaining. Instead you never win. The bonus rounds are almost impossible to land, and when you do, the payouts are ridiculously low. These slots on this app are actually WAY tighter than the actual slots at our local casino. At least when you play at the casino, you have a chance of winning - and you win real money.

With this game, you get nothing. Downloaded this game because I enjoy them in a real casino. The coins they give you in the 3 hour bonus are a joke compared to other games, so I was naive enough to purchase coins.

What a complete waste of money. They could at least provide some quality play time or better deals without raking you for your hard earned money. The missions they set up to get lighting points are impossible after the mark without having coins.

Seriously guys let people enough themselves in these tough times. We take all player feedback into consideration. Because that seems to be their response to everything. Truly disappointing!

Do you like to play slot games? Like the adrenaline rush when you see bonuses, lights and sounds? Are you the type of person to fall for purchasing IGC in game currency with real money? Love watching the 20 bucks you just used to buy 10,, coins turn into absolutely nothing?

Then this game is for you!! Just watching all of the 20 MILLION coins 10mil of that being free turn to dust really boosted the dopamine in me! That sort of experience is rare, so if you really want to be like me.

GG to the developers for making this great game! Beware despite the games being the same fun ones found in the casino this app is almost a scam. This app desperately wants you to spend money. Which I understand paying for the rights to use the game and host the app cost money, but for a casino app you would think it would be more winner friendly than the actual casino.

Yes, those slot apps where every spin is a million coins are boring, but this app seems boarder line predator like. Often a purchase screen happens to pop up when you want to spin or collect bonus. This sends you to the store to make a purchase. Further more you will be in the middle of missions for them just to up and disappear even while in game play.

In all I get this is a business made to make money, but I feel the developers are quite shady and unethical in the way they go about it. I will stick to spending my money on the real versions of the slots that pay out more often and are not practically a scam. These games are very similar to the actual casino ones.

I have both winning and losing streaks at the casino and on this app. I do notice the lag in spins sometimes and it does seem to be losing spins when it does that. I also notice it wants an Internet connection between every spin long lags before spin button highlights when have spotty cell service.

So not sure if results are because of an algorithm or because it was what was communicated from app and server between spins.

My only complaint is the coin offers. It has many games that I loved playing at the real casinos. Since I only had little over ,, in the bank, it just took that.

This is just for fun. Why do they need to make it so expensive to these games other than they want to Rip off consumers. I wrote to them and pretty much what I got was oops sorry.

Some people have mentioned watching videos to get free coins. The games are great, just like at a real casino, only difference is at a real casino you can actually win compared to this fake play.

You would think they would give more so people would play more and just maybe people would spend their hard earned money on it. They get two stars only because the games are good games you can find at a real casino. Other than that, they deserve no stars.

I spun times betting , per spin without receiving 1 feature. Our online social casino style games offer the same spinning and odds experience as the Aristocrat slot machine games that are feature in real casinos all over the world. SCAMMERS 😡 Never have a ever experienced any thing like this in the casinos.

No way would I spin that many times and not receive a bonus. The Vip messaging has real people that respond but they type and send app generated messages as a response.

The NEVER HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR PROBLEM. They have the ability to look at every spin and payout and they can see if your telling the truth or not about how the game is playing but they still find away to make you feel as if they think you are lying.

They are helping the developers SCAM. WE pay real money for fake payouts that are extremely low. This has been one of my favorite casino apps because of the addition of Dragon Link until recently! I won the Major and was shorted million once the screen refreshed.

I have a screenshot of my total after the feature completed and then after my next spin. I sent messages asking for my coin balance to be updated and NO reply. Poor customer service will have me taking my play elsewhere. Very disappointed!! I submitted a ticket like you said complete with pictures detailing what I described above and JAN who has been mentioned in other people's complaints replied that they are unable to help me because their servers have no record of any "errors".

Suggestion people play other platforms that have better customer support such as MyVegas! If you spend real money stay away from this app. The customer service is horrible. Stick with MyVEGAS where your play is valued!!

Let me say, when I first downloaded and played it over a year ago, it was great! Good challenges and good games. To make it worse they make you watch a 20 second video which is a long time for a lousy k of coins.

Listen when I say…. the people at Product madness are absolute criminals and theives. the next day…I purchase a package…play a little…then put it down. Pick it back up a few hours later…and I had been blocked.

And told a minimum of a year. all of them. Look at the most recent ratings…the only thing above a 1 star is an obvious bot. DO NOT DL OR PUT MONEY INTO THIS APP!!!! I been playing slot games for longs as they been out and i never write a review and mainly because these developers really don't care what our issues or thought's are, just about making money.

What gets me this app is the same people who own the game and put them in casinos. They should let us play for free and casinos sponsor the app, it would draw us to casinos if we think we can do good here. This app is tighter then the same slots in the real casino and they are pretty bad and thats saying a lot.

So unless you like blowing money to watch it go fast, take it to a real casino where you have a better chance and can win some back maybe. But love the lighting Link Game!!!

Just not their app. DO NOT a download this scam garbage game warning to all customers. Product madness is a scam and their ceo is pure garbage scum. The coins are over priced for something that cheats you constantly i recommend people to avoid these scamm fckers l.

Banning customers over their criticism is so unprofessional. Could be the developer himself just doing all the management by himself. Coz his failing game is losing customers so he turns to scamming. U have better odds in a real casino than this garbage trash product madness game.

This app used to be good but it seems the developers have become greedy and just want to force you to buy coins. I just played 18 million coins through a single game at bets under k.

I got one single feature and won nothing in that free games feature. I would expect payouts to be better considering this is supposed to be just for fun. Also the pop ups on the home screen have gotten absolutely ridiculous.

If you plan on buying coins I would suggest going to a real casino instead of spending money on this scam of a game. At least you will have a chance of winning some money at the real casino. They have some great slots, but you never actually win anything. The payouts are complete garbage.

The free coins they give you every 3 hours last only 5 seconds when betting the minimum. Then you never win anything with them.

They just want you to spend real money. Then they push to watch ads. And the ads are so persistent and intrusive they just pop up in the middle of spinning so you are forced to click on it. Then there is no skip feature if you accidentally click it.

There used to be a skip feature to forgo the free coins, but not anymore. If you want out of the ad, you have to close the app completely and restart.

Kind of scummy on their part. But anything to get that ad revenue, right? Zero zero zero zero stars. I have been playing this game for 4 years now hoping it would get better. Sometimes it does for a few weeks and then it goes back to the old scam it is.

So first scam: I have been playing every single day for the two week season. I am at , points. To put in perspective, the leader of the season is at ,, points. After one day they were at 50,, Such a shame because the games are incredible. But for coin money I have a casino 8 miles away.

This is a fun game and can be somewhat time consuming. It is easy to hit a purchase button accidentally. There has been more than one occasion when I have canceled the purchase and been charged for the purchase and not receive the product.

In order to prevent this from happening I turned off the payment method on my phone. Here again on more than one occasion even though a payment was canceled with no payment method in the phone, I was still charged when I added the payment method back and did not receive the product.

Yes you can go to them and ask for a refund which is spotty at best. It is your word against theirs. I tracked down the corporate headquarters and sent a communication regarding these issues and have received no reply.

The MEmu virtualization technology empowers you to play thousands of Android games smoothly on your PC, even the most graphic-intensive ones.

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Game Center Blog Business Support. Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots! Product Madness. Features of Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots! Show more. Game Info Welcome to the best social casino slots! How to Download Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots! Why Use MEmu for Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots!

Bigger screen with better graphics; Long duration, without limitation of battery or mobile data. Full Keymapping support for precise control of keyboard and mouse or gamepad. Multiple game accounts or tasks on single PC at one time with Multi-Instance manager.

More From Product Madness. Slots: Heart of Vegas Casino. Similar to Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots! Teen Patti Gold. Tongits Go. Lucky JILI Slots. Casino Win Pagcor Slots. Big Win Pagcor Casino. Mega Win Club - Lucky 9, Pusoy, Sabong Cards.

Perya Color Game. Aurora Game - Pinoy. Hot Topics. How to play Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots! Play Lightning Link Casino: Free Vegas Slots!

Lightning Link and its craps gambling, Dragon Lightniing, offers jafkpot jackpots, with the two most exciting being the Lighning and the Grand. Elsewhere in jckpot paytable, real slot machines for sale tells you what the tief prizes are. Aside iter x your credits bet, you can have a Mini, Minor or Major… but no Grand. Unlike the Grand, we know the Major can appear on a space. See Diana Evoni win one on her channel; you can catch it around RandomSlots is a great channel for seeing the pay tables along with gameplay. The screenshots here were derived from the video below, but they are consistent with all the Lightning Link and Dragon Link families of games. tier  jackpot lightning link Lighting Link Casino has recently launched Seasons, a jacckpot concept that allows players to collect bigger and better bonuses. Jafkpot many gamblers who also love lighyning play online pokies from Australia. If jackpog start playing at Lightning Jackpot jill com Casino even after lightninv last season June powbet casino no deposit bonus — June 31styou can still join the upcoming Birthday season in July. There are plenty of exciting missions that make it easy to progress through the season, and even hacks that can boost your standing. Lightning Link pokie has become so popular that it has caused the creation of the self-titled casino. You can play Aristocrat Lightning Link pokies online free here by the link. With a wide range of games in free play mode and no download required, this slot apps offers a great online gaming experience.

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