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Gambloxk Well Spent Gamblock York, USA View Detail. GamBlock® gamblovk not funded by irresponsible gambling oligarchs, so it has no vested interest in being ineffective. This can be used to block any site and is often used for parental controls and safer browsing. Would have Played Again London, United Kingdom View Detail.

Gamblock -

BetBlocker takes less than 2 minutes to set-up. Watch our installation video. BetBlocker - Manage Your Gambling Responsibly. BetBlocker is not just for those who need to stop gambling. Parental Controls — Protect Your Children. BetBlocker also offers the option to install Parental Controls, allowing you to restrict access to both gambling and other adult content whilst your children are using a device, and deactivate the restriction when you want to browse.

Tell Us Your Story. Has BetBlocker help you or someone you care about? Please tell us your story. The good vibes keep the moral of our team up!

And if you don't mind your story being published we won't do this without your direct consent and we will remove any personal information , you can help to encourage other people who are considering BetBlocker. BetBlocker - Part Of The Solution To Gambling Addiction. BetBlocker is a great decision for any person who needs help to control their gambling.

But BetBlocker is much more effective when used alongside other responsible gambling support services. See the organisations available to help you in your country:.

Suggest a Site. Found a site that you think BetBlocker should be restricting? If you can still access this url while BetBlocker is active, please clear your browser cache, restart your device and try again.

If you are still able to access this url please contact BetBlocker support for help — [email protected]. Thank you for your submission. Our team will review it and add it to our restricted if appropriate.

This will happen within 24 hours though you may need to clear your browser cache and restart your device for this change to take effect. The URL that you have entered is invalid. Please copy the url from the browser address bar and paste it in the submission field.

Get Technical Help! We have worked hard to make BetBlocker as easy and intuitive to set-up as possible. However if you do encounter a problem first look at our trouble shooting guides and if that does not resolve the issue contact our team to ask for help. You can use the form below or email us at [email protected].

Please tell us the type of device you are using and the version of the app can be found at the bottom of the screen when the app is open. App version:. Please attach image or video:.

Frequently Asked Questions on BetBlocker. How much does BetBlocker cost? Absolutely nothing. Gambling addiction is a serious condition and one that is usually associated with financial duress. Unlike our competitors we do not believe it is right to charge individuals who already have financial issues more to get the help they need to control their condition.

We do not want to profit from those with addiction issues. What is a BetBlocker Parental Control used for? Many parents today worry about the content their children can access while browsing the internet.

This tool allows parents to enter specific URLs that they do not want their children to access. What does a Gambling Self-Restriction in BetBlocker do?

When you set a Gambling Self-Restriction in BetBlocker the tool will automatically restrict you device from accessing any of the gambling operator URLs in our database.

We update this database on a weekly basis to ensure that you are offered the maximum possible protection. Can I remove a Gambling Self-Restriction after it has started? Gambling addiction is a condition that is commonly associated with an inability to control ones impulses to wager.

That being the case this tool would be ineffective at preventing gambling relapses if you could disable it during a Gambling Self-Restriction. As such, once a Gambling Self-Restriction has been activated it cannot be lifted.

We take go to great lengths to ensure that BetBlocker is as difficult to remove as possible during a Gambling Self-Restriction and our User Support Team will not assist you in removing the tool while there is an ongoing restriction.

How does a Parental Control work? The Parental Control system is easy to use and quick to set up. Simply install BetBlocker, select Parental Controls and follow through the set-up process to decide which URLs you would like to restrict.

When you activate the tool the restrictions will be put in place. If BetBlocker is free, do I have to see lots of adverts to use it? BetBlocker does not advertise any products or services what-so-ever. It is entirely advert free. I want to restrict my device from accessing gambling operators.

Can the Parental Controls do that? One of the options when setting up a Parental Control is whether or not to include our list of gambling operator sites. While we cannot guarantee this is absolutely exhaustive, it represents a very high proportion of the gambling operators in business today and is updated on a weekly basis.

Who founded BetBlocker and why? Sadly a number of malicious actors within the gambling sector have falsely claimed that they established, or are in some way associated with, BetBlocker. BetBlocker was founded by Alternative Dispute Resolution ADR service ThePOGG in If you see anyone else claiming to have founded BetBlocker, the claims are false.

This service manages complaints between players and online gambling operators on behalf of a number of regulatory agencies.

BetBlocker was set-up as a way of helping those players that came to the service with a responsible gambling based complaint, specifically because the ADR was uncomfortable channelling those with gambling addiction issues to fee based blocking services.

In , after seeing rapid growth in demand for the BetBlocker tool, it was concluded that it was not financially sustainable to continue to run BetBlocker as an add on to the ADR service. At this point BetBlocker was broken off from the business and established as a charity in its own right.

Since this point, BetBlocker has received its funding from donations from an array of businesses in the gambling industry. This move has allowed for significant additional funding to be available to the project, improving both the function of the app itself and the user support available to assist those that need it.

Whilst BetBlocker may now be its own legal entity, the people making the decisions are still the same people that established the service. The Board of Trustees is made up of various team members from the ADR service.

There are a number of employees working for BetBlocker now but but no person employed by the ADR service draws any income from BetBlocker. As such the Board of Trustees who manage the service is made up of individuals giving their time freely to the project.

If you need to contact the Board of Trustees you can reach Duncan Garvie at [email protected]. Support requests to this email address will not receive a response. Once you have activated a Gambling Self-Restriction the only way to end it is to wait until your chosen Gambling Self-Restriction period has concluded.

For ethical reasons and the protection of problem gamblers our support team will not under any circumstances assist a user to disable an active Gambling Self-Restriction. I want to stop my child from accessing sites that provide information about or advertise gambling.

Can BetBlocker do this? To a limited degree yes. There are literally hundreds of thousands of websites providing information about gambling online today.

It is impractical to generate or maintain a comprehensive list of all of these sites. This strategy is very intrusive and can result in a lot of high quality educational resources being inaccessible.

As such we have looked to find a middle ground. We are not using a keyword blocker but have put together a list of several hundred of the gambling information and promotion sites that occur most frequently on the first page of Google English language for some of the highest volume search terms. Obviously this list is not exhaustive but we feel it will give parents a good start in preventing their children from accessing age inappropriate material.

How many times can I install BetBlocker? You can install BetBlocker as many times, on as many devices and on as many different platforms as you like. There are no limits what-so-ever. How long can I Self-Restriction for? BetBlocker offers a couple of different types restriction: a block restriction or our calendared restriction.

Our block restriction is a simple premise: You select a period of time that you would like to block for and activate your restriction. The block is continuous for that length of time. You can select between the following lengths of time: 1 day 2 days 3 days 5 days 1 week 2 weeks 1 month 2 months 3 months 6 months 1 year 2 years 3 years 5 years Our calendared block allows you to schedule when you would like the restriction to switch on and off.

This is useful for people who feel that gambling is problematic for them at specific times. It may be that you feel that you are prone to gambling too much at the weekends. Perhaps you would benefit from a restriction immediately after you have been paid. Maybe holidays can result in problematic levels of gambling for you.

The best times for a restriction are varied and individual to each person. BetBlocker allows you to plan in advance and put your block in place at the times you need it most.

We do intend to extend the calendaring feature to allow for a restriction to be narrowed to specific hours of play, but are currently waiting on sufficient funding being received to make this upgrade.

Is it worth using BetBlocker if I'm already registered with Gamstop? National self-exclusion schemes like Gamstop and Spelpaus are great programs that any player worried about their gambling should engage with if they or a similar program are available in your country.

However, these regulator run self-exclusion schemes only extend as far as gambling sites that are licensed in that country. With hundreds, if not thousands, of rogue gambling operators accepting players without a license that will not be covered by the national self-exclusion schemes, there are cracks in the protection being offered.

Fortunately BetBlocker does not base its restriction on any individual countries licensees. In fact we try to cover all gambling operator sites with or without a license. So even casinos not on Gamstop or Spelpaus will be restricted.

BetBlocker goes works hand in hand with national self-exclusion schemes to offer you the best possible protection for relapsing while you feel vulnerable. Can I extend my Gambling Self-Restriction? At any point while you have an active Gambling Self-Restriction you can go into BetBlocker and extend the length of the Gambling Self-Restriction.

This will be implemented immediately. Helps gamblers avoid becoming desperate gamblers. People around the globe have approached us and this cultural diversity has helped us improve and meet customers'needs. We ensure our availibility round the clock. Helps Gamblers avoid becoming desperate gamblers.

We block access to online gambling THE BEST CHOICE Helps gamblers avoid the dangers of unrestricted gambling. STOPS UNDERAGE GAMBLING Save Families Helps gamblers avoid becoming desperate gamblers.

GamBlock® is not funded by irresponsible gambling oligarchs, so it has no vested interest in being ineffective. GamBlock® is funded by customers.

It blocks gambling absolutely. GamBlock® cannot be circumvented by using a VPN like UltraSurf on Windows. Tor can be used to surf the web and GamBlock® will prevent casino access while using Tor.

On Android, GamBlock® will block online gambling websites as well. It will block betting sites that are yet to be published as GamBlock® uses heuristics to ban gambling sites rather than the simple lists imitators use that are never up to date.

Our algorithms also prevent poker apps and the like from installing at all, rather than just filtering connections. Having these apps on devices still make people think of gambling. With our software they are never seen.

GamBlock® is the way to block casino apps and you can also choose to irreversibly block extra apps that are a risk to you as we customise our gambling blocking software according to your personal preferences.

Our stop gambling app for Apple devices survives a factory reset, so you know your loved ones cannot lose money. Our Samsung and non-Samsung android apps block factory reset and our Windows gambling blocking app blocks factory reset, whether by Reset this PC, System Restore or any other method.

In short, removal cannot happen. If you would like to block all things that put you at risk, whether it be sites, apps or any activity, GamBlock® has got you covered. We are only interested in helping vulnerable people with no hidden agenda.

GamBlock® saved us. It was a huge relief.. What does GamBlock® do? GamBlock® blocks access to online gambling.

GamBlock® helps problem gamblers avoid the dangers of unrestricted gambling. GamBlock® uses sophisticated analyses that block new gambling sites and software, unlike other programs that require constant updating of website lists, thus eliminating a potentially vulnerable time for users.

Discounts apply for protection on multiple devices. GamBlock® is also available as a single license or multiple licenses for personal users.

GamBlock® is under continuous development. Irremovability, security and diagnostic features are constantly updated.

GamBlock® gives businesses, Government Departments, Libraries and other institutions the assurance that online gambling cannot be conducted from their facilities by their staff or visitors. See Our Pricing. We Always Try To Understand Our Customers' Expectations People around the globe have approached us and this cultural diversity has helped us improve and meet customers'needs.

Have any questions about us? Don't hesitate to contact us? Contact Us. We can help you with information on assistance for gambling related issues. Whether you need help for yourself or a loved one, it is available. More About Gamblock. Our Customers' Feedback We value your feedback.

That helps us get Better. Customer service is amazing! View Detail. Cartoon and Poem View Detail.

Blocking gamblock is something that gamblock be downloaded gamblock gambllck gamblock bamblock gamblock, gambloci, or computer that vamblock access to websites or gamblock services available gamblock the internet. There are two only winning tips of software available:, gamblock. Gambllock gamblock and internet service providers also allow users to set restrictions without needing to download software, and you can find out more about this by contacting your retailer or provider directly. You can also look into being excluded from gambling. Self-exclusion means asking one or multiple gambling operators to prevent you from gambling with them for a set length of time, in person or online. You can read more about self-exclusion here. Imagine spending gamblock your gamblock high stakes betting sites reels of gamblock tamblock slot gamblock gamnlock no time gaamblock engage in gamblock activities. If gambllock is your life, you should know that gamnlock is gamblock, and you need to stay away from iGaming for a while. Gamblock can offer you this break. If you are in search of software that blocks gambling traffic from your PC, phone, or tablet, Gamblock may be just the right choice for you. Although it may cost you money, it is worth everything in the case of gambling addiction. The price of the software is dependent on the number and type of connected devices. gamblock



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